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Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of various indoor and outdoor table

tennis tables since 2003. As pursuing perfection in quality and customer service to achieve timeless dedication and trusted performance, we grew fast and have solidified good reputation in the market.


We cooperate with many famous brands all over the world and our products designed to meet the

Europe and USAstandard. We are also looking for innovative ways to make safer and durable products.The MDF boards are graveled with the most advanced roller-coating technology, which can

keep the top surface very smooth, clear and neater. And the popular table frames including style U,T,Y

are made with fancy design and improved safety standard.


In recent years, we have been investing in the industrial real estate market while innovating in the

field of sports goods to satisfy the growing needs of our customers.

In the future, we will also continue to do business with the purpose “continuous innovation, quality perfection, customer first” all the time, and we are looking forward to your visiting and consulting.

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